Feb 2019

Q. What kind of results should I expect from these tests to help guide my care?

By boadmin11

Each individual cancer is unique and test results vary depending on the tumor type. When applicable, test results may help identify the following insights.

1. New insights into the preferred ‘on-label’ standard of care therapies. This means therapies approved to treat your specific tumor type and shown to be effective in targeting one or more of the alterations found by

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the test.

2. New insights into off-label drugs: These are therapies approved in another tumor type (i.e. breast cancer) but possibly effective in targeting one or more of the genomic alterations found by the test that occur in your tumor (i.e. prostate cancer.)

3. A clinical trial evaluating therapies under development which may work by targeting an alteration found by the test that is in your tumor.

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