Feb 2019

Q. What if my doctor thinks this is a waste of time?

By boadmin11

Download the ‘battle card’ we’re offering, print it and bring it to your next doctor appointment. Buying and wearing the t-shirt will also help spark a conversation. Remind your doctor that cancer is a genetic disease and that the DNA of your cells have become mutated and you want to know what those mutations are. This will help you and your doctor select treatment options, including clinical trials, that are likely to work best for you and may not be considered

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otherwise. A treatment that works well for one person may not work as well for you. Tell your doctor that you want to expand beyond the ‘One size fits all’ treatments like chemo that everybody with advanced cancer gets, because your cancer is unique from the patient your doctor just saw and will see after you.

In the end, doctors want to know that if they order a test it will have strong predictive power to identify treatment (i.e. who will be a responder vs non-responder) and that the predictive biomarkers found on these tests are also on the patient-relevant clinical pathways/guidelines. It also helps when a test is mandated in a therapeutics’ FDA labeling.

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