Feb 2019

Q. What do you mean by “Sequence Me?”

‘Sequence Me’ is a call to action and a new movement. All people suffering from cancer deserve new insights into what is driving their disease. To get that, we need to demand genomic sequencing from our medical teams in order to understand those molecular drivers that are hidden in the DNA of our tumors. The insights from genomic sequencing can open new doors for treatment and extend your life. At the very least, it will empower

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you with more data and insights and help you understand your cancer better.

In the future it is expected that many more doctors will eventually offer this and many more patients will get personalized diagnostics and medicine. Why? Because the advances and affordability in new solutions like this driven by science and technology innovation will make it embarrassing for healthcare providers to not offer it. But today is still early days. One great way to accelerate the adoption of new innovation is through greater education, awareness building, and forming community. is going to do that. We want to bring ‘strength in numbers’ to new innovation like this. We need to accelerate this and YOU have the power to demand it. The supply side that offers these services will respond when we as patients demand it. So let’s collectively wake up and demand “Sequence Me!”

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